Anthony Pirrotina

Anthony Pirrottina

Anthony Pirrottina has been a local at the Abrolhos Islands for over 40 years.

At the age of 6, Anthony began school on Rat Island whilst his family lived on the remote islands during the crayfish season from March until June.

Many changes in the industry and at the Islands have happened since then and as Anthony recalls the great times growing up at the Abrolhos, he is also thankful that his own two sons were lucky enough to have experienced schooling at the remote location.

Anthony started working on a crayboat with his father, Pinny at the age of 16. After 5 years on deck he went on to get his skippers ticket and started skippering a boat for Pinny at 21.

Following in his father’s footsteps Anthony established his own fishing business and moved North to Wallabi Island where he continues to fish today.

His wife Lisa, and two sons Finn and Cody share Anthony’s love of the Abrolhos Islands. Maybe one day his sons will take over the family business. Anthony has always been extremely passionate about the islands, and understands the importance in preserving and protecting this pristine and unique environment.

Batavia Charters is an opportunity for Anthony to share his love of the Islands, and in particular the Wallabi group. The incredible scenery, wildlife, history and culture will be shared by Anthony, along with a visit to his very own piece of paradise on Alcatraz Island.

Batavia Charters offers an incredible opportunity to experience a very isolated and untouched part of the world. You won’t be disappointed.

Greg Brown

Greg Brown

Greg Brown is a born and bred local here in the Midwest who has been passionate about the water since he was 8 years old.

He grew up close to the ocean and spent most days either surfing, fishing or diving along the Coral Coast. Greg has been a regular at the Abrolhos Islands for 25 years and although he has travelled the world, it’s these islands that feature as his favourite holiday destination.

Greg’s family is involved in crayfishing, with camps based in the Southern Group. His Uncle Colin has been involved in Abrolhos tourism over a long period and his father Bernard is a regular to the islands.

Greg believes the Abrolhos Islands have the best marine life in the world and the natural beauty is something you have to see to believe.

“A lot of local people don’t get the opportunity to get onto a boat and get out to the islands, even though they are right at their doorstep. With more options now available Batavia Charters hopes more people will be able to experience this amazing part of the world.”